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Ayorek Subfestive

Illustration and double side poster design for Ayorek! media launching. For this launch, Ayorek! in collaboration with various parties, organised a city festival SUBfestive. Back sided design is done collaborated with chimp chomp. SUBfestive is a festival that invites Surabaya citizens, especially youths, to celebrate the city by participating actively in cultivating and developing the knowledge and creativity of Surabaya, making works that reflect the ideas and issues of everyday life, combined with the ideas and practices of media today. Either by making films, animation, writing, music. To remix, renew, cultivate our own understanding of the city, and creating new alternatives. Celebrating the diversity of insight and wisdom for a more sustainable, liveable and lovable city. - See more at: http://ayorek.org/en/2013/12/subfestive-celebrating-city-surabaya/